How To Plan A Shoreline Cleanup

Today our town held a great shoreline cleanup! Originally postponed by high winds we finally held it on a calm and sunny morning. A junk collection company who I hadn’t heard of previously was on demand to collect litter from multiple locations. They handed out gloves, extended picker claws, along with burlap sacks, which will […]View post →

Jake’s Traveling Pants

To be honest it’s difficult to travel with a four-year-old and be environmentally friendly at the same time. It’s not surprising how the waste naturally accumulates with stickers, bottles of juice, and fast food containers. My car becomes an environmental disaster in no time! Upon a quick clean-up, I found a ray of hope. One large company […]View post →

37 Easy Ways To Live A Better Life

Climbing a mountain seems like madness and once you’ve reached the top of the summit all that’s heard is silence. The metaphor of climbing a mountain is often described when achieving personal goals.  But those who climb mountains are often faced with peril, not beauty. Why do people search out and conquer such extreme goals? […]View post →