How This One Snack Inspires Healthier Eating

Whole foods contain good quality or organic ingredients. Be glad to know while buying with the intention of eating healthier, it also supports a healthier way of farming. While surfing the net for Local Organic food companies. I found a company called Left Coast Naturals which supplies a natural food snack named Hippie Snacks. I imagined […]View post →

Jake’s Traveling Pants

To be honest it’s difficult to travel with a four-year-old and be environmentally friendly at the same time. It’s not surprising how the waste naturally accumulates with stickers, bottles of juice, and fast food containers. My car becomes an environmental disaster in no time! Upon a quick clean-up, I found a ray of hope. One large company […]View post →

Where To Bring a Great Find Home.

Society has been able to accomplish some fantastic inventions that have made life pretty darn comfortable. The most mundane features such as furniture we take for granted every day. It’s a basic comfort and today there’ s an overabundance of supply. If you can’t find something suitable on the showroom floor in your local furniture […]View post →