Hello, my name is Rachel!

My Story

I started this blog in January of 2019 because I felt the Internet could use more people supporting the environment. Pollution and littering have changed our climate and now is the time to bring more awareness.  I’m inspired by those that have made it their life’s ambition to promote a ban on plastic and the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

I hope that I can touch the lives of hundreds, thousands or millions of people’s lives in some way. If I can plant a seed… An idea that it’s not that hard to change our daily habits. One good deed a day can make a huge difference if billions of people make a change.

Through reading investigations and the information that I post on aboveamazon.com you will learn the truth of corporate ethics in the food industry. You will learn about people that are trying to make a difference in the world. Plus, you will find out how changing your daily habits can save money.

I hope in the years to come this platform will give those that care a voice. If we work together we can use our dollars to make a positive impact. By spending our money we are voting for what matters in life. Whether it be Fair Trade, Organic, Local goods, sustainably produced or anything without plastic packaging. Every vote counts.

I’m a girl that lives in Vancouver British Columbia with my high school sweetheart, four-year-old son Jacob and eleven-year-old pug cross beagle named Riley.  After leaving school I worked with Tropical Plants for almost a decade and while there I took a Chartered Herbalist course to learn more about Nature. I left this field of work to pursue another career in Residential Sales. I’ve spent another successful decade helping people make the most significant decisions in their lives.

I like comfortable shoes, a four-door sedan, and peanut butter fudge bars. There’s so much beauty in the world and I hate to see all the sad news coverage of environmental devastation. I hope to create a tribe of people that want to join me in the battle to create a more symbiotic relationship between our spending habits and the environment. Once we stand together in the same cause we can be a force that will achieve many accomplishments.

Please join my weekly newsletter and find out what consumers can learn in order to change our spending habits. The information I retrieve on Corporate environmental policies will give us an educated idea on who best to support. Especially when the options in the grocery store are so overwhelming it’s not immediately apparent which company is working to make a difference.

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Sustainable Life Diary

I sat outside on a warm sunny day while the neighborhood children were playing. I carried my bucket of soap and two pairs of shoes and began to scrub them. It didn’t take long for them to become curious.


Sometimes all we need in life is a little bit of simplicity! After all the juggling and multitasking throughout the day creating a simple but delicious meal is a nice breath of fresh air.

Consumer Awareness

Thankfully when we look at the packaging, we don’t see disrupted habitats, acidic rivers, lakes, and dead animals. The truth is there’s not enough quality educated communication between the consumer and manufacturers today. People need more food labeling to help us discern what is what!

Conscious Savers

The report from the Vancouver Sun states it’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year to clean up! The combined costs are massive and adding up across the country. In Ontario alone, the Canadian Taxpayer spent 250 million dollars a year