37 Easy Ways To Live A Better Life

37 Easy Ways To Live A Better Life

Climbing a mountain seems like madness and once you’ve reached the top of the summit all that’s heard is silence. The metaphor of climbing a mountain is often described when searching for a better life.  But those who climb mountains are often faced with tough decisions, not beauty. Why do people search out and conquer such extreme goals? Yet when they’re faced with changing simple daily habits find it so hard to commit to them? Dreams and desire are mountains of the mind that drive us to be.

After all, once you reach the highest goal than life will be complete and there will be no more reason to seek out more. No, not really and countless people who have reached their goals will tell you the idea is misleading. Most that achieve their dreams and ultimate desires find they quickly become bored.

Moreover, the time is here where our fascination and obsessions are wearing out our planet. Our need for the planet is far and wide and demand will rise further in the future. Furthermore, Scientists are telling us temperatures and sea levels are rising. Consequently, World Leaders in different countries are rising to the challenge and have declared climate change an emergency. So what can one do to make a difference? 

Here are thirty-seven good deeds to live a better life.

  1. Save electricity by unplugging your devices
  2. Plant wildflowers
  3. Buy post-consumer paper
  4. Plant a vegetable garden and donate the vegetables to the food bank
  5. Turn off the lights at night before you go to bed
  6. Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, washing vegetables or cleaning
  7. Take public transport instead of driving
  8. When your out buying groceries do not use plastic bags and choose items with no plastic packaging
  9. Hold the door open for a stranger
  10. Write a letter to your local MLA and ask them to ban plastic bags
  11. Sign up to change.org and support petitions that help to end climate change and plastic.
  12. Buy an electric car
  13. Attend an event that supports earth-friendly ways like a farmers market
  14. Read a book to a childlike Justine Mckeen’s Bottle Throttle
  15. Spend more time outside
  16. sit down with your family and calculate your carbon footprint try reducing it by twenty percent
  17. Volunteer your time
  18. Buy soap bars without packaging. These are often made by local soap makers
  19. Skip eating beef and opt for something different
  20. Pick up trash at the park or the beach
  21. Be a part of or organize a market for local consumers
  22. Reuse take out containers
  23. Turn old books into planters, use the paper for art projects don’t just give them away
  24. Talk to a friend or family member about rising temperatures, sea levels and the garbage piling up on land and in the oceans.
  25. Buy Organic
  26. Let a child write a letter to a company asking them to change corporate policy
  27. Stop supporting companies that don’t take their environmental impact seriously
  28. Eat fruits and vegetables grown locally
  29. Make your own bread. It reduces the need to buy bread in plastic bags
  30. Post on social media your good deed
  31. Share posts related to helping the environment, comment and like.
  32. Make homemade soup and freeze leftovers to reduce reliance on aluminum
  33. Plant a fruit tree
  34. Invest in solar panels
  35. Bring your own cup to Starbucks or other retailers
  36. Say no to straws
  37. Buy Bamboo products

Materialism costs consumers their futures

If we practice these new habits we will find fulfillment. Fulfillment in the sense where we practice good deeds while keeping money in our pockets. Like a mountain climber, we have to remain present. Every decision must be done consciously with the knowledge that if we don’t change now life will be very different for our children.

The truth is continual corporate profits are not sustainable. These changes will affect the economy however in the long term it will be better off. It’s not natural to have continual growth without consequences. Consequently, with any goal, we have to face our fear, nausea, vertigo, and death of something. Therefore, it’s time we support those invested in our community and companies defined by their environmental policies. It doesn’t have to be all that bad if we start now. We still have time and the luxury to decide what is right for us. What is right for our planet.

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